New Years Day card, image of cricket scene and caption

Object Type
Documents and books/Document/Card/Greeting card
Date Used
Circa 1880
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Object Detail

Brief Description
New Years card, printed on one side with a colour image of a cricket match and on both sides with a cricket-related verse. The image is an idealised portrayal of cricket, showing a side-on view of a batsman wearing red cap, neckerchief and belt, holding his bat in an unusual stance, with a fielder in striped outfit standing at square leg. In the background, a group of spectators sit under a large tree, and further in the distance is a church tower. The edges of the card are gilded and each corner is rounded. Writing on reverse reads "5".
0 - Whole: H: 99 W: 132 D: 1mm (H: 3 7/8 W: 5 3/16 D: 1/16")
Associated Person
Date Used
Circa 1880
In storage
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