Shovel, used at Melbourne Cricket Ground c1900-1920

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Domestic items/Gardening/Shovel
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Very solid shovel, with a long, narrow, curved, cast iron scoop and an iron and wood handle. The iron of the shovel head and the 'throat' of the handle are made of a single piece, with the wood handle inserted into the 'throat' and bolted into place; drips from behind the iron onto the wood can be seen. The manufacturer's name is imprinted on the front of the iron section of the handle: 'W.A. LYNDON / BIRMINGHAM', next to the trademark crown and 'PATENT'. The top of the handle has been stamped on either side with the letters 'MCC'. There is a bent nail or rod extending through the top of the handle, suggesting that it once supported a T-bar shape at the top of the handle which has since been knocked off, or eaten by woodworm. Thought to have been used at the Melbourne Cricket Ground around the early part of the twentieth century.
0 - Whole: H: 1020 W: 140 D: 50mm (H: 40 3/16 W: 5 1/2 D: 1 15/16")
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