Two piece metal belt buckle, featuring images of cricketers c1865

Object Type
Clothing or accessories/Clothing/Accessory/Belt/Belt Buckle
Date Used
Circa 1865
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Object Detail

Brief Description
Metal belt buckle with undulating edges and loop holes at either end. The buckle is actually two separate pieces that connect via a hook at their centre on the reverse. Both have a loop at the outer side for the belt to thread through. The right side (.1) features the bowler and has the hook attachment on the reverse. It also bears a wreath, shield and crossed bats with ball motif along the edge. The left side (.2) features the batsman and has the hole on the reverse. Each figure is raised and attached as a separate piece of metal. The pieces are attached to the body of the buckle via hidden metal pins at each end that pierce the buckle and are bent and fastened on the reverse. On the reverse of each piece are the numbers "M.57.W.120".
0 - Whole: H: 46 W: 48 D: 3mm (H: 1 13/16 W: 1 7/8 D: 1/8")
Date Used
Circa 1865
In storage
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