Frisbee manufactured by Wham-O, distributed in Australia by Toltoys c. 1978

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Bright orange pierced flying ring, gold writing around inner ring reading FRISBEE G-70 RING TOLTOYS, signed on reverse in black texta, "MARK POWERS - THANKS FOR YOUR HELP". These frisbees were handed out to patrons at the Australia v India Test match at the MCG in 1980, and a demonstration of frisbee skills was held on the playing arena during the lunch break.
0 - Whole: H: 287 W: 287 D: 22mm (H: 11 5/16 W: 11 5/16 D: 7/8")
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This G-70 ring was one of many giveaways to the crowd at the MCG attending the India vs Australia cricket test match in the summer of 1980-- As one of the officers of the Australian Frisbee Association I had organised a lunch-time show of Frisbee skills for the crowd with the kind approval of Cricket Australia--and I enlisted the help of my former Epping high school students to put on the show of distance throws, maximum time aloft efforts thrown into the wind, freestyle tricks with the disc, a demonstration of Frisbee golf and the grand finale of the expo: my Frisbee-catching whippet Gitis, the wonder-dog! The crowd was appreciative of our human efforts, but reserved their most enthusiastic applause for Gitis and his amazing full-sprint dashes and two-metre leaps to catch the disc in his mouth-- When the cricket resumed play--the afternoon sessions play became quite mundane in the stifling heat--and the crowd began an almost plaintive chant of "Bring back the dog, bring back the dog!" I signed this ring for someone on staff there at the MCG--and my signature "M" with a swirl makes it look like an "F"--so I think that's why the explanation here of Frank Powers--it is actually my name!

- Mark Powers

Posted on 27-07-2023 12:46:41