Spectacles with case; used by cricketer Clive Lloyd

Object Type
Personal effects/Seeing aid/Glasses
Personal effects/Seeing aid/Glasses/Case
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Object Detail

Brief Description
Pair of glasses with lenses (for short-sightedness) with translucent frames with orange and brown colours. The frame is quite square in shape, especially around the lenses, with two bars over the bridge. The arms are made of metal, with material (possibly sticky bandages) wound around them, possibly holding on the ear pieces designed to hook around the ears. Inscribed on frame 'Renoma paris' and on the arms 'Renoma Rancho / 2280". Glasses case, long and rectangular with rounded edges and hinged lid. It is covered in a mustard-covered fabric and has a brass-coloured strip around the bottom rim. The inside of the lid is bare metal and there is a loose lining in the bottom.
1 - Glasses: H: 46 W: 148 D: 32mm (H: 1 13/16 W: 5 13/16 D: 1 1/4")
2 - Case: H: 30 W: 149 D: 70mm (H: 1 3/16 W: 5 7/8 D: 2 3/4")
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