Photograph, Streatham Cricket Club team & Incogniti Cricket Club team c1910

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Photography/Photograph/Black and white
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Posed, outdoor photograph - attached to thick card - of two intermingled teams of cricketers and officials on a grassed area in front of trees. The names of a number of the the figures are handwritten in pencil below the image: (Back, Row 1) -,-,-,-,-,-,-./ ( 2) Dobson, Phillips, Wildemear (?), -, Pullbrook / (3) E. Field, D. Kerr, B...., -, H.H. Scott (?), -. / (4) Ron Adams, N. Miller, Bailey, Hoare, HDG Leveson-Gower. The name of the photographer, Wayland, and location, Streatham, are printed on the left and right respectively below the image. Handwritten on the reverse, in pencil, are inscriptions, "Streatham v Incogs [Incognitos?]"; "Duplicate"; "Shot V/2"; and "Gale".
0 - Whole: H: 307 W: 307 D: 3mm (H: 12 1/16 W: 12 1/16 D: 1/8")
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