Souvenir pins set, Melbourne 2005 Deaflympics

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Clothing or accessories/Jewellery/Pin
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Set of five pins depicting the 2005 Deaflympic mascot competing in five different sports - high jump, javelin, basketball, swimming and cycling. Each pin features a different coloured stripe on the edge. The mascot is a figure in the form of a hand with five different coloured fingers. The thumb and little finger function as arms, and the middle three fingers are depicted as hair. There are two feet at the bottom of the wrist on which the figure stands. These five pins have butterfly clutch fasteners and are all attached to a cardboard backing which carries the Deaflympic logo and the text 'MELBOURNE 2005'. This is encased in a black plastic display box with clear plastic lid. Back of pins are branded with lines of repeating text, "".
6 - Plastic case: H: 55 W: 140 D: 23mm (H: 2 3/16 W: 5 1/2 D: 7/8")
1 - Yellow pin: H: 20 W: 20 D: 7mm (H: 13/16 W: 13/16 D: 1/4")
2 - Orange pin: H: 22 W: 20 D: 7mm (H: 7/8 W: 13/16 D: 1/4")
3 - Green pin: H: 23 W: 20 D: 7mm (H: 7/8 W: 13/16 D: 1/4")
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Kindly donated to the National Sports Museum by Barry Minster OAM.


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