Adidas shoes used by Glynis Nunn, 1984 Los Angles Olympic Games.

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Clothing or accessories/Footwear/Shoe(s)
Clothing or accessories/Footwear/Accessory/Spikes
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A pair of Adidas 'spikes' used by Glynis Nunn during the Heptathlon javelin event at the 1984 Los Angles Olympic Games. The spikes are yellow with dark navy trimmings; laces, stripes. The underside of the shoes are green and yellow plastic grip material, with six metal spikes. The Adidas logo is featured under the tongue, at the back of the heel and under the ball."01 063" is printed under the tongue. The right shoe features "Glynis Nunn LA '89" handwritten in black texta. Nunn won Gold at the Los Angles Olympics in the Heptathlon with a score of 6390, five points above the Silver medallist.
0 - Whole: H: 90 W: 130 D: 250mm (H: 3 9/16 W: 5 1/8 D: 9 13/16")
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