Trophy commemorating Shri Narendra Modi's visit to the Melbourne Cricket Ground, 2014

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Trophies and awards/Trophy
Date Used
18 Nov 2014
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Wood and metal trophy with metal storage case. Trophy consists of a vertical gold coloured metal decoration on left in the shape of a sun, with a cricket bat at centre. Three gold coloured metal dishes on the right of the trophy contain autographed cricket balls. The cricket balls have been signed (from left to right) by M S Dhoni, Kapil Dev and Narendra Modi. A wire runs around the edge of the sun decoration and behind the cricket ball stands. Gold coloured metal plaque attached to trophy base in front of sun decoration is engraved and reads 'To commemorate the visit of/Shri Narendra Modi,/Hon'ble Prime Minister of India/to MCG, Australia. 18th November, 2014'. An engraved gold coloured plaque has been attached to the trophy base in front of each of the three cricket balls. Plaque in front of left hand ball reads 'Shri M.S. Dhoni,/Captain of the Indian team,/Winners of the ICC Cricket/World Cup, 2011'. Plaque in front of central ball reads 'Shri Kapil Dev,/Captain of the Indian team,/Winners of the ICC Cricket/World Cup, 1983'. Plaque in front of right hand ball reads 'Shri Narendra Modi,/Hon'ble Prime Minister/of India'. The base of the the trophy is rectangular and painted black. Each cricket ball has its own separate Kookaburra cardboard box. Trophy case is silver in colour.
1 - Trophy: H: 350 W: 710 D: 175mm (H: 13 3/4 W: 27 15/16 D: 6 7/8")
5 - Travelling case: H: 863 W: 340 D: 465mm (H: 34 W: 13 3/8 D: 18 5/16")
Date Used
18 Nov 2014
In storage
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