'Herald Sun' AFL Hawthorn Football Club Premiers poster, caricature by Mark Knight, 2014

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Documents and books/Document/Poster
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27 Sep 2014
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White rectangular poster featuring the cartoon image of an anthropomorphised hawk wearing a Hawthorn Football Club guernsey. The hawk is depicted as if leaping in the air from left to right, grasping a cup labelled 'AFL/PREMIERS' between its wings. Above this image is the 'Herald Sun' logo in blue with white lettering. Below this image is a brown and gold pennant with the text, "PREMIERS 2014". The artist's signature is printed above the left hand side of the pennant. Beneath the pennant is the text, "Enjoy the win and drive home safely.". At the base of the poster is the printed text, "SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2014". In the bottom left corner of the poster is the cartoon image of a pig accompanied with a speech bubble reading, 'BACK/TO/BACK!', and a message promoting the artist's published work in the Herald Sun. In the bottom right corner is the logo for the 'Good Friday Appeal', with contact details.
0 - Whole: H: 640 W: 450mm (H: 25 3/16 W: 17 11/16")
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27 Sep 2014
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