World Series Cup winners medal (with original Angus & Coote presentation case), presented to Tim Zoehrer, 1985-86

Object Type
Trophies and awards/Medal
Date Used
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Object Detail

Brief Description
Bronze coloured medal in brown storage case. Medal is in the shape of a rounded rectangle. Front of medal carries a relief image of a trophy inside a circular border. Text in relief below trophy reads 'BENSON and HEDGES/WORLD SERIES CUP'. Reverse of medal carries a relief image of palm branches and small round fruits or seeds in the bottom right hand corner, radiating along the edges to the bottom left hand corner and top right hand corner. Case is briwn and rectangular, with two metal clasps at the front. Top surface of case carries a thin gold border line, slightly inset from the edges. '1985-1986' is handwritten in texta on the bottom right corner of a piece of yellow masking tape attached to bottom edge of top side of case. Small white auction house sticker also attached to masking tape on case. Sticker attached to underside of case carries a handwritten nine digit number, likely an auction reference number.
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In storage
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