Cricketers' tape, date unknown

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Sporting equipment/Accessory/Measuring device/Tape measure/Cricketer's Tape
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Retractable tape measure with wind-retraction mechanism. Tape is encased in a brass, round case and is covered on the top with a kind of waxed paper diagram which is a guide for the use of the measuring tape. It is labelled "CRICKETER'S TAPE" at the top, and features a diagram of a cricket pitch with the distances between creases and bails drawn. This tape was used to measure out the length of a cricket pitch, 66 feet (22 yards), which is the exact length of this tape. It was also used to measure the other distances needed to set up a cricket wicket, such as the distance between bails (4 INCHES EACH), the bowling, popping and return creases, as well as the length and width of the bats: "BAT / NOT TO EXCEED 4 1/4 INCHES / AT THE WIDEST PART & 38 IN. LONG. / WICKETS 27 IN. CLEAR OF GROUND", and of the bails: "BAIL / SHOULD NOT EXCEED 9 1/4 INCHES IN CIRCUMFERENCE AND WEIGH NOT/ MORE THAN 6 3/4 OZ. OR LESS THAN 5 1/2 OZ." The wind-retraction mechanism is operated by pulling up the metal hinged lever in the centre and turning it clockwise. The tape is linen with a brass ring at the end, and is printed with an inch scale (in black ink), and feet (in red), and on the other side measuring links (in black).
0 - Whole: H: 93 W: 93 D: 35mm (H: 3 11/16 W: 3 11/16 D: 1 3/8")
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Kindly donated to the Australian Gallery of Sport and Olympic Museum by Mr Len King.




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