Tape measure, used by VCA umpire Edward Fleming c1930s

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Sporting equipment/Accessory/Measuring device/Tape measure/Cricketer's Tape
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Cricketer's tape measure, housed in a round, brown, bakelite-type plastic case. The metallic tape extends from a swivel top in the depression in the top. The swivel top is rotated to allow the tape measure to be pulled out. The tape measure is made of a pliable metal (perhaps aluminium) which is pulled in and out of the case easily, at a 45-degree angle. The unit of measurement is imperial, inches and feet, and is six feet in length. The tape is inscribed with the manufacturer's details, "LONDON 175 / CHESTERMAN / SHEFFIELD / ENGLAND", as is the outer case, which also features the manufacturer's emblem of the initials, "J C". The tape can be entirely removed from its case, and easily reinserted.
0 - Whole: H: 27 W: 56 D: 56mm (H: 1 1/16 W: 2 3/16 D: 2 3/16")
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Kindly donated to the Australian Gallery of Sport and Olympic Museum by Edward W Fleming Jnr


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