Card targets used by Libby Kosmala, Adelaide, 2012

Object Type
Sporting equipment/Playing equipment/Target
Date Used
22 Jun 2012
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Object Detail

Brief Description
Two strips of card, each featuring ten printed targets. The inner five rings and bullseye of each target are black in colour, with the rings given a score value ranging from 1 (for the outside ring) to 8 (for the ring surrounding the bullseye). Each of the ten targets on the strips of card has a hole in it where it has been pierced by a rifle shot. A number is written in blue pen below each target apparently indicating the score achieved for each shot, with totals recorded in blue pen at the right hand side of the card. Both strips are printed with the text 'Schützen-Nr.' at the top right hand corner, and both strips have been autographed on the right hand side by Libby Kosmala. Strip 1 has the number '100' written in blue pen at the top centre of the front of the strip. Strip 1 is also printed with the word 'EDELMANN' at the bottom left hand corner, and carries the number '131' at the right end of the strip. Strip 2 is printed with the word Krüger in the bottom right hand corner.
1 - Strip 1: H: 52 W: 561 D: 10mm (H: 2 1/16 W: 22 1/16 D: 3/8")
2 - Strip 2: H: 52 W: 570 D: 8mm (H: 2 1/16 W: 22 7/16 D: 5/16")
Date Used
22 Jun 2012
In storage
Registration No
Credit Line
Kindly donated by Libby Kosmala


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