Negative, image of W H Laverton's XI and Australian XI - Westbury, May 1890

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Negative, informal group photograph of players who participated in a cricket match between W H Laverton's XI and the Australian team, held at Westbury (Wiltshire), 15-17 May 1890. Thirty men are shown standing and sitting outside a wooden pavilion. They wear a variety of garments, with some of the Australians distinguished by their blazers and caps. The photograph is mounted on a piece of thick card ('Paris Panel') which has a gilded edge, with the name and details of the photographic company printed below. A handwritten message in the lower-right reads, "from W.H. Laverton May 1890".
0 - Whole: H: 124 W: 99mm (H: 4 7/8 W: 3 7/8")
H: 425 W: 30mm (H: 16 3/4 W: 1 3/16")
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