Trophy awarded to Rosemary Margan as Women's Section Grand Champion, New South Wales Water Ski Championships, 1963

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Trophies and awards/Trophy
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Metal trophy in the shape of a sailing ship on a wooden plinth. The ship has three levels of billowing sails, bearing raised text which reads 'AUSTRALIAS/175th/ANNIVERSARY/1788-1963/NSW CELEBRATIONS'. The bow end of the hull of the ship is engraved with the text 'H.M BRIG SUPPLY', indicating the name of the ship. Plaque on front side of wooden plinth reads 'PRESENTED BY/THE SYDNEY COMMITTEE/TO/ROSEMARY MARGAN/GRAND CHAMPION, WOMEN'S SECTION/N.S.W. WATER SKI CHAMPIONSHIPS/MANLY RESERVOIR/MARCH 22-23, 1963.' Circular plaque on left side of base carries the logo of the Sydney Committee, featuring an anchor and a star. Circular plaque on right side of base carries the Australian coat of arms. There is a layer of felt on the underside of the wooden plinth. Sticker attached to one corner of felt layer reads 'by/Amoi'.
0 - Whole: H: 285 W: 232 D: 141mm (H: 11 1/4 W: 9 1/8 D: 5 9/16")
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Kindly donated by Rosemary Margan


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