Original artwork for Herald Sun Boxing Day Test poster by William Ellis Green (WEG), 1998

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Poster featuring large cartoon images in marker pen of a kangaroo and a lion. Both are dressed in cricket batting attire, with the kangaroo on the left and the lion on the right. Attire consists of white shirt and pants, pads, boots, padded gloves, and a hat. The kangaroo is wearing a green Australian baggy green Test cap, whilst the lion is wearing a blue helmet with the symbol of the English cricket team (three lions) on the front. The kangaroo holds a cricket bat in his right hand and a cricket ball in his left hand, whilst the lion holds a cricket bat in his left hand and a cricket ball in his right hand. The figures are in close proximity and are glaring at each other, with the hands holding the cricket balls lightly touching. The artist has signed the cartoon below the tail of the lion. Outline of publisher's banner at the top of the poster above the cartoon reads 'Herald Sun'. Title below cartoon reads 'BOXING DAY 98'. Lines drawn below this title indicate that additional text will appear there in the final version. Handwriting in pencil at top right hand corner of poster reads 'Rough 1'. There is a small letter 'M' at the top left hand corner of reverse. Reverse is otherwise plain.
0 - Whole: H: 760 W: 509 D: 12mm (H: 29 15/16 W: 20 1/16 D: 1/2")
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