Baggy green cap worn by Rod Marsh, 1982/83

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Clothing or accessories/Headwear/Hat/Cap/Baggy green
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Green woollen cap, accompanied by two printed auction lists. Front of cap is embroidered with the Australian coat of arms. Lining of cap is black, with a circular white panel at centre. White panel is printed with a manufacturer's mark and the number '7'. Handwritten in green pen on the white panel is the word 'MARSH'. Also handwritten on the white panel is the text 'To David,/ Good luck' and Rod Marsh's signature. Auction lists are single A4 pages which list the items sold at Rod Marsh's Melbourne testimonial dinner on 22/11/83. The first page contains a listing of objects, beneath which has been handwritten in blue pen the text 'Thank you David Thomas/ for buying my Australian Cap/at my Melbourne testimonial dinner/22 Nov 83'. This text is signed by Rod Marsh. The second page contains a listing of objects, against which have been written the prices that they sold for at the testimonial dinner. These prices have been totalled to give a final figure for all sales at the auction.
1 - Cap: H: 65 W: 230 D: 272mm (H: 2 9/16 W: 9 1/16 D: 10 11/16")
2 - Auction list p1: H: 297 W: 211 D: 8mm (H: 11 11/16 W: 8 5/16 D: 5/16")
3 - Auction list p2: H: 296 W: 211 D: 8mm (H: 11 5/8 W: 8 5/16 D: 5/16")
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In storage
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Kindly donated by David, Andrew and Stephen Thomas


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