Esky, Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony audience kit

Object Type
Domestic items/Container/Esky
Date Used
01 Oct 2000
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Object Detail

Brief Description
White moulded polystyrene 'esky' style container for transporting cold drinks, used as a humorous container for the audience participation kit in the Sydney Olympics 2000 Closing Ceremony. The esky is adorned with multi-coloured adhesive stickers with cartoon images of various animals, the sun, and a car. The lid is attached to the base by a pink rope. In set contains items 2002.3836.118.1-7.
0 - Whole: H: 260 W: 135 D: 145mm (H: 10 1/4 W: 5 5/16 D: 5 11/16")
Date Used
01 Oct 2000
In storage
Registration No
Credit Line
Gift of the NSW Government, part of the Sydney 2000 Games Collection.




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