Letter written by Edward 'Carji' Greeves to the Melbourne Cricket Club, June 1923

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Documents and books/Document/Letter
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28 Jun 1923
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A4 size handwritten letter. Letter reads: 'To the Sec/ M.C.C./Dear Sir,/ I understand by holding your/ M.C.C. members ticket (School Boy’s) that I/ forfeit my right to be a playing member for the/ M.C.C. if I play more than 3 games with any/ other Club. I am therefore writing to ask/ you if you will grant me permission to play/ this season for Geelong, with understanding/ that they will guarantee me a clearance at/ the end of this season should your club wish it./ I have played one game with them & would be/ glad if you would let me know as soon as/ possible so that I can fully understand my/ position in the matter./Yours truly,/ E.G.Greeves./ Yarima/ Creasy./ Former Address./ Geelong College.' Handwritten scrawls at the top of the letter indicate that the letter was received on 28/6/23, was answered on 28/6/23, and that a copy of the VCA rules was sent to Greeves.
0 - Whole: H: 252 W: 201 D: 5mm (H: 9 15/16 W: 7 15/16 D: 3/16")
Date Used
28 Jun 1923
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