Box of glass lantern slides used by Bruce Andrew, c. 1930s.

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Date Used
Circa 1930s
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Forty-six glass lantern slides in a wooden storage box. Slides consist of images of Australian football and depict various skills of the game, such as kicking, marking, and handballing. The edges of each slide has a protective paper wrapping which reads repeatedly 'GUNN'S SLIDE, 210 Flinders Lane, Melb. Cent. 2736'. There is small white sticker attached to the front right hand corner of the majority of the slides, upon which is written a number which corresponds to the position of the slide in the box. Paper list attached to lining of box lid which is an index to the slides, giving a brief description in pencil of the contents of the slides next to their relevant slide numbers. Long white sticker attached along front inner edge of box is numbered 1 to 50, indicating the position of slides in the box. A series of wooden grooves is attached to the inner side of both sides of the box, which is used to hold the slides in place and protect them. Box is fastened by two metal clasps. Top of box bears handwriting which reads 'C. BRUCE ANDREW/26 Como Parade West,/MENTONE/VICTORIA'. There are some numbers written after the word Mentone which may be a postcode, but they are not able to be accurately deciphered.
1 - Box: H: 95 W: 458 D: 123mm (H: 3 3/4 W: 18 1/16 D: 4 13/16")
2 - Slide 1: H: 84 W: 84 D: 4mm (H: 3 5/16 W: 3 5/16 D: 3/16")
Date Used
Circa 1930s
In storage
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