Plush toy, 2012 London Olympic Games plush toy mascot, 'Wenlock'

Object Type
Games and toys/Toy/Soft toy
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Object Detail

Brief Description
Light grey plush figure with orange starburst style patterning on front torso, emanating from an orange London 2012 Olympics logo in the middle of the chest. Figure has two stumped legs, and two arms ending in mitten shaped hands. Five circular plastic bracelets in the colour of the Olympic rings adorn the figure's wrists - red, green, and black rings on the left wrist, and blue and yellow rings on the right wrist. Figure has a single slightly heart shaped eye. Figure has a small headlight at top of head resembling that of a London taxi which is embroidered with the letter 'W' in blue thread on an orange 'light'. Figure has a pointed knob for a tail, and a pointed knob at the back of its head. Sale tag and product tag are attached to right hand by a plastic tag.
0 - Whole: H: 240 W: 220 D: 140mm (H: 9 7/16 W: 8 11/16 D: 5 1/2")
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