Melbourne Cricket Club Lady Membership Ticket, 1938/39

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Melbourne Cricket Club Lady Membership Ticket from 1938/39 season. Rectangular ticket with rounded edges is dark green on both front and reverse sides. Front features an elaborate centre design that reads 'LADY'S TICKET' in bold etched text and is surrounded by a fine black 'ovals and curls' pattern. A gold gilded stylised MCC monogram is printed on top of the design's centre. Above the design reads 'Melbourne Cricket Club' in stylised text and below the design are dates and the printed signature of Hugh Trumble, Secretary. Reverse side features grid edges with numbers 1-28 reading anti-clockwise. Centre reads 'Ladies leaving the Reserve after this Ticket has been nipped must obtain a Pass. / No. 4846 / Available till 31st August, 1939 / This Ticket will not be replaced if lost'.
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