Melbourne Cricket Club Membership Ticket, 1936/37

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Melbourne Cricket Club Membership Ticket from 1936/37 season. Rectangular ticket is black with gold detail impressed on the front. Features an elaborate outer border with a double-lined inner border which contains a stylised MCC monogram on the left and a bold 'J' on the right with dates below it. Reverse side features a tan background with brown printed text and black ink text. Reads '1 / 9 / 1936 / Issued to P. Robinson / C. W. Simmons (printed signature) HON. TREASURER. / Hugh Trumble (printed signature) SECRETARY. / No. 100'. Outer edges read 'If this Ticket is used by any other person than the Member to whom it is issued it will be forfeited. / Available till 31st August, 1937 / NOT TRANSFERABLE / SANDS & MCDOUGALL PTY. LTD., MELB'. Large red 'J' printed on background.
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