'The Grand Final' by Nick Botting

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25 Sep 2010
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Oil painting of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on AFL Grand Final day, 25th of September, 2010. Painting shows the external concourse and Gate 2 of the MCG, as well as part of Yarra Park. MCC banners and an MCC flag can be seen attached to the MCG on the left of the picture. There are a number of people sitting on fence rails in the left foreground. Middle distance shows a number of people queuing for entry to the ground, whilst other visitors enjoy the surrounds of Yarra Park. Signed by the artist in the bottom right hand corner. Painting is on canvas, and is encased in a small, light coloured wooden frame. This smaller frame is, in turn, mounted inside a larger, wider dark wooden frame. Back of painting bears a sticker from the vendor - Bridget McDonnell Gallery - giving details of the painting. Notations in pencil written on the back left edge of the inner wooden frame read ' 11/10 #29/B. Mc GALLERY/ GESS... + cedar outer'. Metal wire is attached to the back of the frame for hanging.
0 - Whole: H: 595 W: 700 D: 37mm (H: 23 7/16 W: 27 9/16 D: 1 7/16")
0 - Whole: H: 405 W: 500mm (H: 15 15/16 W: 19 11/16")
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25 Sep 2010
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