Zimbabwe team shirt, 1992 Cricket World Cup

Object Type
Clothing or accessories/Clothing/Sporting uniform/T-shirt
Date Used
25 Feb 1992
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Object Detail

Brief Description
Red polo-style, short sleeved t-shirt with four coloured horizontal stripes across top edge and three grey buttons on the neck. The colours, from the top down, are blue, green, red and white. "ZIMBABWE" is printed in yellow letters, with a black border, across the chest. On the right breast is a white, black, blue, green and red logo that reads "BENSON & HEDGES / WORLD CUP 1992". To the right of this is a white sticker with black text that reads in part "DO NOT IRON / PRINT..." A red and black "I.S.C" label is printed on the right breast. A "BENSON & HEDGES" tag and an "AUSTRALIAN MADE" tag are attached to the manufacturers details inside the collar.
0 - Whole: H: 810 W: 620 D: 14mm (H: 31 7/8 W: 24 7/16 D: 9/16")
Associated Event
Date Used
25 Feb 1992
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Hi, how much are these 1992 shirts... Are they made by the original ISC clothing company...

- Sean

Posted on 18-02-2021 15:55:41