Aussie Bowl '86 medal and presentation box awarded to Carlton footballer Justin Madden, 1986

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Trophies and awards/Medal
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Circular silver medal suspended on a yellow and green corduroy ribbon (part 1) and accompanied by a wooden presentation box (parts 2-3). The obverse of the medal features the image an Australian football beneath a sprig of flowers. Across the football is the text, "AUSSIE BOWL '86 / AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL SUPER FINAL IN JAPAN.". Beneath this is the curved text, "HAWTHORN HAWKS VS CARLTON BLUES". On the reverse of the medal is the text, "2ND PRIZE // 3rd NOVEMBER, 1986 / YOKOHAMA STADIUM / JAPAN // FUJI TELEVISION NETWORK, INC.", accompanied by the logo of 'Fuji Television'. The ribbon the medal is suspended from is yellow with a green stripe down the centre and is tied in a bow at the top of the medal. The presentation case features deep purple velveteen lining, and inscribed in gold on the lid is the text, "AUSSIE BOWL '86 / AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL SUPER FINAL IN JAPAN.".
1 - Medal: H: 505 W: 90 D: 4mm (H: 19 7/8 W: 3 9/16 D: 3/16")
1 - Medal: H: 68 W: 59 D: 4mm (H: 2 11/16 W: 2 5/16 D: 3/16")
2 - Presentation box: H: 207 W: 112 D: 17mm (H: 8 1/8 W: 4 7/16 D: 11/16")
3 - Presentation box lid: H: 207 W: 112 D: 11mm (H: 8 1/8 W: 4 7/16 D: 7/16")
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