Access pass issued to Justin Madden for access to the Melbourne Cricket Ground venue during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games

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Documents and books/Document/Staff pass
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White pass, laminated in clear plastic and suspended from a yellow lanyard with press stud fixing. At the top of the pass is the text, "GAMES OF THE XXVII OLYMPIAD JEUX DE LA XXVII e OLYMPIADE". Below this is a passport sized photograph of Justin Madden with a holographic sticker across the image on the left, and to the right, the letters "Gi" in a red box and "T5" in a white box, and the Sydney Olympic logo displayed sideways. Below this is a barcode, (code number, "00-0030099-01") with the following text, "JUSTIN MARK MADDEN // GUEST / SOCOG // FME / PEL // OLYMPIC GAMES IDENTITY AND ACCREDITATION CARD // 6". On the reverse is the following text explaining the codes on the front of the card, "GAMES OF THE XXVII OLYMPIAD JEUX DE LA XXVII e OLYMPIADE // FME / MELBOURNE CRICKET GROUND // PEL / PRIME EVENTS LIMITATION / EPR. EXCERPT. ACCES RESTREINT // 6 / OYMPIC FAMILY HOSP AREAS / AIRES,ACCUEIL FAMILLE OLYMPIQU // [white rectangle] / GENERAL CIRCULATION AREAS / AIRES,DE LIBRE CIRCULATION". The reverse of the card also features the logos for the 'Sydney Games, ' IBM' and 'Kodak'. At the bottom the text reads, "CARTE D'IDENTITE ET D'ACCREDITATION OLYMPIQUE // JUSTIN MARK MADDEN / GUEST / SOCOG". The yellow lanyard features the logos for the 'Sydney Games' the 'Olympic Rings' and 'Kodak' in repetition.
0 - Whole: H: 665 W: 116 D: 0.02mm (H: 26 3/16 W: 4 9/16")
H: 180 W: 116 D: 0.02mm (H: 7 1/16 W: 4 9/16")
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