Media access pass issued to Justin Madden (ABC Radio Sport) for the 1999 AFL finals season

Object Type
Documents and books/Document/Staff pass
Date Used
Sep 1999
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Brief Description
Orange and blue media pass, laminated in clear plastic and suspended from a black cord. At the top of the pass is the 'Coca-Cola' logo and AFL logo above the text, "1999 PREMIERSHIP SEASON". Below this is printed, "NO ACCESS TO ARENA / Except to enter Dressing Rooms post-match / MEDIA". This is followed by a passport sized photograph of Justin Madden on the left, and the AFL logo with "1999" in the centre to the right. Below is the text, "Issued to: [printed] JUSTIN MADDEN [handwritten]" / From: [printed] ABC RADIO SPORT [handwritten] / VALID TO SEPTEMBER 25, 1999 / INCLUDES FINALS and GRAND FINAL". In the top right hand corner is the card number, "0185". On the reverse is printed a barcode (code number, "366161726210") below the following text, " This pass admits the / authorised bearer entry to AFL / venues, media areas and / dressing rooms as per the 1999 / Media Guidelines. / It is non-transferable and will be / revoked immediately if used by / anyone other than the / authorised bearer. // The bearer of this pass is entitled to / enter the MCG during those matches / corresponding to the AFL's 1999 / Program of Matches. / Note the bearer is bound by the / MCG Regulations promulgated by . the MCG Trust in relation to entry / and conduct while within the MCG. // John C Lill General Manager/Sec.".
0 - Whole: H: 570 W: 99 D: 0.02mm (H: 22 7/16 W: 3 7/8")
H: 138 W: 99 D: 0.02mm (H: 5 7/16 W: 3 7/8")
Date Used
Sep 1999
In storage
Registration No


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