Replica (half original size) Commonwealth Games Queen's Relay baton presented to Sports Minister Justin Madden, Melbourne, 2006

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Sporting equipment/Playing equipment/Baton
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Silver and green baton (part 1) with accompanying black velvet display case (part 2) and protective cardboard sleeve (part 3). The baton is curved, and made from green, gold and silver plastic. On the face (silver side) of the baton is a grooves and the emblem of the 2006 Commonwealth Games (stylised depiction of 2 athletes which have been hand painted red and green). There is a small hole beneath this emblem, and the baton appears to be hollow. The baton is held together with a screw on the reverse, and it is possible that the grooves light up. The baton is accompanied by a rectangular black velvet case with black satin lining and gold thread. On the lid of the case printed in silver is the text, "MELBOURNE 2006 COMMONWEALTH GAMES / Queen's Baton Relay". Inside the case lid is attached a white card with the printed text, "Presented to / The Hon Justin Madden / in appreciation of / his contribution to the successful / Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games / 15-26 March 2006 / Ronald J. Walker AC CBE, Chairman". The cardboard sleeve is coloured a royal blue.
1 - Baton: H: 445 W: 40 D: 35mm (H: 17 1/2 W: 1 9/16 D: 1 3/8")
2 - Display case: H: 490 W: 105 D: 80mm (H: 19 5/16 W: 4 1/8 D: 3 1/8")
3 - Cardboard sleeve: H: 492 W: 108 D: 81mm (H: 19 3/8 W: 4 1/4 D: 3 3/16")
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