Photograph of members of the combined Cambridge and Oxford University team and Australian cricket team, 1972

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Photography/Photograph/Black and white
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Colour copy of a black and white photograph mounted on grey card accompanied by blue calligraphy. Photograph depicts 29 males wearing a variety of cricket uniforms and suits, standing and seated in three rows in front of a building with veranda. Above the photograph are two shields. The left shield features 3 crown motifs surrounding an open book (shield of Oxford University and the right shield features 4 lion motifs surrounding a white cross (shield of Cambridge University), surrounded by blue and red handwritten calligraphy, "Combined Universities v Australians 1972". Beneath the photograph and handwritten in blue calligraphy is the text, "- D. McERLANE - B. TABER - D. COLLEY - A. MALLETT - P. JOHNSON - R. LEE - K. STEELE - D. SHERWOOD - / - F. BENNETT - B. FRANCIS - J. SPENCER - J. HAMMOND - P. EDMONDS - J. INVERARITY - R. HADLEY - G. CHAPPELL - J. WARD - R. MASSIE - J. GLEESON / - C. TAYLOR - R. MARSH - P. JONES - I. CHAPPELL (CAPT) - R. STEELE - M. KHAN (CAPT) - P. SHEAHAN - d. OWEN. THOMAS - R. EDWARDS - K. JONES - ".
0 - Whole: H: 303 W: 420 D: 0.01mm (H: 11 15/16 W: 16 9/16")
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In storage
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Kindly donated by Majid Khan


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