1998 North Melbourne Football Club losing premiership poster, signed by the artist, WEG (William Ellis Green).

Object Type
Documents and books/Document/Poster
Date Used
26 Sep 1998
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Brief Description
Blue, white and black paper poster. The poster depicts a cartoon kangaroo wearing a North Melbourne team guernsey and football boots, holding a 1998 AFL Premiership cup in its left hand, and the numbers, "98" in its right hand. Above the kangaroo is the 'Herald Sun' logo, and beneath is the text, "PREMIERS". The poster has been hand-signed by the artist (WEG) in black marker in the bottom right hand corner. At the base of the poster is the text, "SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1998 // PRICE: $2.00. ALL PROCEEDS TO THE ROYAL CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL GOOD FRIDAY APPEAL".
0 - Whole: H: 640 W: 450 D: 0.01mm (H: 25 3/16 W: 17 11/16")
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Date Used
26 Sep 1998
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