Melbourne Cricket Club membership medallion, season 1983-84

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Trophies and awards/Medal/Medallion/Membership
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Melbourne Cricket Club full membership medallion for the season 1983-84, shaped like an irregular, elongated diamond, medallion number (F)7643, with blue rope-cord threaded through hole in top. Obverse features red, blue and white enamel decoration on the silver metal base: at top is featured the medallion number in white enamel on a silver strip, and beneath, divided into three sections, are the MCC logo in silver lettering on a red background; to the right of this are the years 83 84 in silver on a white background, and in a blue circle beneath is a large silver letter "F" on a blue background. Inscription embossed on reverse, upside down, reads, "NOT / TRANSFERABLE / SEASON ENDS / 31ST. AUG. 1984". Manufacturer not detailed.
medallion alone: H: 35 W: 26 D: 2mm (H: 1 3/8 W: 1 D: 1/16")
with cord: H: 132 W: 26 D: 10mm (H: 5 3/16 W: 1 D: 3/8")
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