Two (joined) tickets to 'The Foster's Cup' Australian Rules Football Game played in England, issued by the Surrey County Cricket Club, 1994.

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Documents and books/Document/Ticket/Admission
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16 Oct 1994
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Two (joined) event tickets machine printed onto embossed and watermarked ticket paper. The two tickets are separated by a perforated line. Each ticket also has a perforated section to the right for removal.

In the upper left and upper right corner of each ticket is the 'Surrey County Cricket Club crest (fleur-de-lys crest) embossed in silver with the text beneath reading, "SURREY C.C.C.". The brown watermark features horizontal wavy lines and the ghosted logo of the 'Surrey County Cricket Club' in brown.

The text on the front of each ticket reads as follows.
Printed in brown, "SURREY COUNTY CRICKET CLUB / THE FOSTER'S OVAL". Printed beneath this in black, "THE FOSTER'S CUP / ADELAIDE CROWS v WEST COAST EAGLES / CARLTON v RICHMOND / SUNDAY 16th OCTOBER 1994 / ENTER AREA BY ENTRANCE C / PAVILION BALCONY / ROW SEAT PRICE / B 67 [ticket 1] 66 [ticket 2] / [pound symbol] o.0.00 / COMPLIMENTARY / CARLTON 101094 JC".
The text printed on the section to be torn away reads, "Kick Off / 11.15am & 1.30pm / ENTER GROUND / BY TURNSTILE / 3-5 / 16/10/94".

On the reverse of each ticket printed in brown is a disclaimer message regarding patron behaviour in the venue and the availability of souvenirs, the conditions of sale, and a map of the ground.
0 - Whole: H: 203 W: 189mm (H: 8 W: 7 7/16")
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Date Used
16 Oct 1994
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In storage
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