Reproduction of engraving, image of MCC reversible grandstand on fire - 1884

Object Type
Artwork/Print/Engraving/Wood Engraving
Date Used
22 Sep 1884
31 Aug 1884
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Brief Description
Reproduction of a wood engraving depicting the burning of the MCC's reversible grandstand in 1884. The grandstand burned to the ground on 31 August 1884, and the wood engraving was printed in the Australasian Sketcher on 22 September 1884. The image features two separate panels. In the top left hand corner there is a smaller image of the grandstand ablaze, laid over the top of the main picture. The main picture is of the stand in ruins following the fire. The engraving was done by Alfred Martin Ebsworth. The image is mounted on white card and displayed inside a gold frame.
Date Used
22 Sep 1884
31 Aug 1884
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