Reproduction scoresheet, Melbourne CC v Brighton CC - 26 April 1945

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Documents and books/Document/Card/Record/Scorecard
Documents and books/Document/Results/Score sheet
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26 Apr 1845
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Copy of scoresheet from an inter-club match between the Melbourne Cricket Club and Brighton Cricket Club on April 26, 1945. Scoresheet shows both of the MCC's innings in that match. In the first innings the MCC made 57, and in the second innings they made only 11. MCC line-up for the match was: Hind, Nicholson, Cavanagh, Philpots (senior), Philpots (junior), Blamire (? unclear), Delaforth (? unclear), Herring, McCrae, Sanford, Watson. Scoresheet is mounted on white card.
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26 Apr 1845
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