Photograph, "Melbourne Cricket Club XI, c.1865"

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Photography/Photograph/Black and white
Photography/Photograph facsimile
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Reproduction of a group portrait of the 1873 Victorian XI; three are holding bats; nine are standing in a row and two are reclining in front. The cricketers are superimposed onto a hand-painted photographic scene of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, comprising a field with a pavilion, a flag pole flying the MCC (Melbourne Cricket Club) flag and trees. This image is a composite from two periods - the background is from a photograph taken of the Melbourne Cricket Ground and MCC Clubhouse in 1865; the cricket team is the 1873 Victorian cricket team, who played together once, on the occasion of a match against New South Wales at the Albert Ground, Sydney in February and March 1873. Team members: Back row left to right - E. Fanning; G.W.H. Gibson; S. Cosstick; A.R. Loughnan; E.H. Elliott; W.W. Gaggin; C.G. Allee; C.S. Carr. In front, left to right - S.W.G Campbell; B.B. Cooper.
H: 330 W: 382 D: 2mm (H: 13 W: 15 1/16 D: 1/16")
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