Photograph of Preston Football Club, 1946

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Photography/Photograph/Black and white
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Photo, black and white, of Preston Football Club team, with initials PFC sewn onto guernseys. "1946" has been handwritten above photo.
0 - Whole: H: 205 W: 260mm (H: 8 1/16 W: 10 1/4")
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In storage
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Kindly donated by Deanne Pierini




Thank you for providing additional information about this object, we are always keen to learn more about our collection, and improve our data. Following further research, it was determined that this photograph is indeed of Preston Football Club, not Prahran Football Club. We have updated our catalogue with this correction.

- Australian Sports Museum team

Posted on 01-10-2020 02:01:27

I can't find any record of Arthur Sleith ever playing for Prahran, but he did definitely play for Preston.,_Arthur.php And the jumpers the players are wearing look more like Preston jumpers. As far as who else is in this photo, I'm pretty sure middle row, third from right, is Bill Maslen.

- Scott Jones

Posted on 20-09-2020 00:52:16