Photograph of MCC - Baseball Section, c1910

Object Type
Photography/Photograph/Black and white
Date Used
Circa 1910

Brief Description
Copy of M1180. Framed black and white photograph with cream mount depicting a baseball team of 10 players with two men standing at either side of the group. The man on the left wears a dark suit and hat whilst the man to the right possibly wears an all-white baseball uniform with dark socks and boots. The players wear white short-sleeved button up shirts with 'MELBOURNE' printed in dark text across the front. Dark coloured long sleeve shirts with a thin light stripe can be seen beneath their shirts. They also wear dark caps with light trim, white knee-length shorts, long dark socks and black boots. They are positioned in two rows in front of a grandstand. One row is standing whilst the other is seated with a player sitting on the ground at centre front with a baseball bat, gloves, ball and faceguard. The player in the foreground also wears a dark blazer with thin light-coloured vertical stripes. Handwritten inscription at top of card mount reads 'M.C.C. / BASEBALL'.
0 - Whole: H: 288 W: 335mm (H: 11 5/16 W: 13 3/16")
Associated Person
Date Used
Circa 1910
Place Used
In storage
Registration No



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