Vinyl record and poster, "One Moment in Time - 1988 Summer Olympics Album"

Object Type
Audio-Visual/Recorded material/Vinyl record
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Brief Description
Vinyl record, titled, "One Moment in Time - 1988 Summer Olympics Album". The cover depicts a hand holding a stylized Olympic torch. The artists included on the album are listed on the back side of the record cover in yellow and red text they are; Whitney Houston, One moment in time; Four Tops, Indestructible; Bee Gees, Shape of things to come; Eric Carmen, Reason to Try; The Bunburys, Fight (no matter how long); John Williams, Olympic Spirit; Taylor Dayne, Willpower; Jennifer Holliday, Peace in our time; Odds and Ends, That’s What Dreams are Made Of; Kashif, Olympic Joy. Includes advertising poster.
1 - Cover: H: 316 W: 316 D: 3mm (H: 12 7/16 W: 12 7/16 D: 1/8")
2 - Record and record sleeve: H: 302 W: 302mm (H: 11 7/8 W: 11 7/8")
3 - Poster: H: 280 W: 217mm (H: 11 W: 8 9/16")
Date Used
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