Norwegian Competitor's Medallion, Norges Olympiske Komite 1956

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Civic mementoes/Souvenir/Medallion
Civic mementoes/Souvenir/Medal/Case
Date Used
22 Nov 1956-01 Dec 1956
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A bronze Olympic medallion. The medallion features the relief image of a noble Viking chieftain farewelling his son, upon a platform. The son is about to journey on a Viking ship, shown in the background, upon the waves. In the Olympian context, however, the son is not leaving for exploration but, is leaving for the Olympic Games. The image is symbolic of the Norwegian national team who travelled to Australia to compete in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. Below the platform is the initials: 'N. O. K.', with the Olympic rings emblem beneath. On the reverse is the name 'NORGES/OLYMPISKE/KOMITE/1956', which translates to "Norwegian Olympic Committee 1956". At the base of the rim of the medallion is the manufacturer's details. Medallions identical to this were given to each Norwegian Olympian competing at the 1956 Games. This particular medallion, however, was presented by the N.O.C. to William Sullivan, a local Melbournian, who carried the banner for Norway, during the 1956 Olympics Opening Ceremony.
0 - Whole: H: 50 W: 50 D: 3mm (H: 1 15/16 W: 1 15/16 D: 1/8")
Date Used
22 Nov 1956-01 Dec 1956
In storage
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Credit Line
Kindly donated to the Australian Gallery of Sport and Olympic Museum by William Edward Sullivan.


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