Box containing cricket and golf spikes, with driver

Object Type
Clothing or accessories/Footwear/Accessory/Spikes
Sporting equipment/Box
Date Used
Circa 1940s
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Brief Description
Box of cricket and golf spikes. Contents include 11 metal spikes each with three prongs and a metal driver. Box printed in red, green and cream, features title, "CRICKET & GOLF / SPIKES", and the "Black Boy Brand" trademark face within a patterned circle. The word, "ECLIPSE", is printed either side of his face. Registered number, 456465. Title and instructions printed on side.
1 - Box - Black Boy Brand: H: 55 W: 55 D: 10mm (H: 2 3/16 W: 2 3/16 D: 3/8")
2 - Metal spikes x 11: H: 20 W: 10 D: 10mm (H: 13/16 W: 3/8 D: 3/8")
3 - Metal driver x 1: H: 30 W: 15 D: 15mm (H: 1 3/16 W: 9/16 D: 9/16")
Associated Person
Date Used
Circa 1940s
In storage
Registration No
Credit Line
Kindly donated to the Australian Gallery of Sport and Olympic Museum by Haebich Family


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