Medallion - "The First Game of Australian Rules" - with 1-3-035 on rim

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Civic mementoes/Souvenir/Medallion
Trophies and awards/Medal/Medallion/Box
Trophies and awards/Medal/Medallion/Box/Card sleeve/cover
Documents and books/Document/Leaflet
Documents and books/Document/Certificate
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Brief Description
Medallion, case, sleeve for case, certificate of authenticity, leaflet 'The First Game'. Sterling silver medallion featuring text that reads 'AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL / THE FIRST GAME'. Image of football scene containing a caption that reads 'SCOTCH C GOAL 2 / MELBOURNE / GOAL 1'. Below this is a scroll with text 'MELBOURNE 1858'.On reverse text reads 'CO-FOUNDERS OF AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL' and features 2 portraits of men, each with a scroll bearing his name: 'HENRY HARRISON' and 'TOM WILLS'. Stamped around rim '1--3--035'.
Medallion case: Green velvet hinged box with white silk and black velvet interior. Printed on silk in black is the AFL logo and 'MILESTONE / MEMORIES' in gold.
Medallion case sleeve: White card cover sleeve that slides over green velvet presentation box. Handwritten pencil inscription reads '1-3-35 [medallion number] / STERLING SILVER / NO 35/500 / ISSUED / 1/5/82'.
Leaflet: Folded green paper brochure produced as an information leaflet to accompany the commemorative medallion. Front cover reads 'THE / FIRST GAME / of / Australian Rules / Football and bears the VFL emblem. Explains history of the first match of Australian Rules Football between Scotch College and Melbourne Grammar.
Authenticity Certificate: Cream card with brown printed text and decorative border on both sides. On front medallion number and owner registration handwritten in blue ink. Text reads 'We hereby certify the authenticity of / Medallion No 1-3-035 struck in / STERLING SILVER which is registered to the ownership A. J. Richards signed .... date 1/5/82"
medallion: H: 52 W: 52 D: 3mm (H: 2 1/16 W: 2 1/16 D: 1/8")
case: H: 65 W: 75 D: 25mm (H: 2 9/16 W: 2 15/16 D: 1")
sleeve: H: 32 W: 70 D: 90mm (H: 1 1/4 W: 2 3/4 D: 3 9/16")
leaflet: H: 110 W: 70 D: 1mm (H: 4 5/16 W: 2 3/4 D: 1/16")
certificate: H: 80 W: 122 D: 1mm (H: 3 1/8 W: 4 13/16 D: 1/16")
Date Used
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