Medallion - "The First Game of Australian Rules Football" marked on rim 1-2-084

Object Type
Civic mementoes/Souvenir/Medallion
Trophies and awards/Medal/Medallion/Box
Trophies and awards/Medal/Medallion/Box/Card sleeve/cover
Documents and books/Document/Leaflet
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Brief Description
Medallion, case, case cover and 'The First Game' leaflet. Gold medallion featuring text that reads 'AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL / THE FIRST GAME'. Image of football scene containing a caption that reads 'SCOTCH C GOAL 2 / MELBOURNE / GOAL 1'. Below this is a scroll with text 'MELBOURNE 1858'.On reverse text reads 'CO-FOUNDERS OF AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL' and features 2 portraits of men, each with a scroll bearing his name: 'HENRY HARRISON' and 'TOM WILLS'. Stamped around rim of medallion 1--2--084. Object is no. 84/1000.
Medallion case: Green velvet hinged box with white silk and black velvet interior. Printed on silk in black is the AFL logo and 'MILESTONE / MEMORIES' in gold.
Medallion case cover: White card cover sleeve that slides over green velvet presentation box. Handwritten pencil inscription reads '1-2-84 [medallion number] / GOLD/STERLING SILVER / NO 84/1000 / 24/5/82'.
Leaflet: Folded green paper brochure produced as an information leaflet to accompany the commemorative medallion. Front cover reads 'THE / FIRST GAME / of / Australian Rules / Football and bears the VFL emblem. Explains history of the first match of Australian Rules Football between Scotch College and Melbourne Grammar.
medallion: H: 52 W: 52 D: 3mm (H: 2 1/16 W: 2 1/16 D: 1/8")
case: H: 65 W: 75 D: 25mm (H: 2 9/16 W: 2 15/16 D: 1")
cover: H: 32 W: 70 D: 90mm (H: 1 1/4 W: 2 3/4 D: 3 9/16")
leaflet: H: 110 W: 70 D: 1mm (H: 4 5/16 W: 2 3/4 D: 1/16")
Date Used
In storage
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