1933 Carreras (Turf) Personality Series Jack Holt trade card

Object Type
Documents and books/Document/Card/Trade or swap card/Trade card - Cigarette card
Date Used
Circa 1933-Circa 1934
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Brief Description
Small, rectangular, portrait-format cigarette card featuring on front a colour caricature of Australian horse trainer Jack Holt, wearing grey suit and hat, and grinning with a cigar between his teeth as he counts a wad of cash. Signature of the caricaturist Bob Mirams at bottom left. The picture is surrounded by a blue line and white border, at the bottom of which is written "'JACK' HOLT / One of Aust's Successful Trainers)". The reverse features brown ink text: at top an advertisement for "TURF"/ VIRGINIA CIGARETTES; the series title: PERSONALITY SERIES, the card number: "No. 91"; in the middle a short biography of "JACK HOLT / (Victoria)", and further Turf advertisement at bottom. This card was issued by Carreras cigarettes with packets of Turf Virginia cigarettes in 1933. Card numbers 72-96 depict caricatures of sports people from many different sports.
0 - Whole: H: 65 W: 40 D: 1mm (H: 2 9/16 W: 1 9/16 D: 1/16")
Date Used
Circa 1933-Circa 1934
In storage
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Credit Line
Kindly donated to the Australian Gallery of Sport and Olympic Museum by Mr Phil Morris.


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