Book - "Melbourne's Plan" - part of bid documentation for 1956 Olympic Games

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Documents and books/Book
Date Used
Circa 1948-Circa 1949
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Booklet - entitled XVI OLYMPIAD/ 1956/ MELBOURNE'S PLAN with letter from Prime Minister J.B. Chifley inside. Booklet with blue dust cover featuring the crest of the City of Melbourne on the front. The booklet, which includes coloured sketches of proposed venues including the Melbourne Cricket Ground, is associated with the Melbourne bid for the 1956 Olympic Games. An attached letter of support from the Australian Prime Minister, Ben Chifley, is featured on the inside of the front cover.
H: 310 W: 230 D: 4mm (H: 12 3/16 W: 9 1/16 D: 3/16")
Date Used
Circa 1948-Circa 1949
In storage
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