Book - 'Invitation Book ' part of the City of Melbourne's bid for the 1956 Olympic Games

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Book - "Vires Acquirit Eundo" - with custom-made box. Book edited by Mr A.E. (Ted) Doyle, this book - a photographic introduction to Melbourne and the environs - was produced for the city's bid for the 1956 Olympic Games. The cream cover - with transparent plastic dust cover - features a metal and enamel crest of the City of Melbourne. The item is housed in a custom-made box, with a copy of an obituary of Mr Doyle.
Custom-made box for a book produced for Melbourne's bid for the 1956 Olympic Games. The two-part box is cream in colour with a padded top, and inner cut-away to protect the metal crest/badge on the cover of the book.
Book: H: 355 W: 275 D: 28mm (H: 14 W: 10 13/16 D: 1 1/8")
Box: H: 367 W: 292 D: 35mm (H: 14 7/16 W: 11 1/2 D: 1 3/8")
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