1980 Moscow Olympic Games relay torch.

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Sporting equipment/Accessory/Torch/Relay
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1980 Moscow Olympic Games relay torch. Grey-bodied torch, flaring from base to top, with gold, ridged rim at top and gold-coloured collar approximately one-third of the way up from bottom. Collar has red logo on side (stylized tower with red star on top and red olympic rings below). Printed in red on upper part of torch body, (transliterated from Cyrillic to Latin script): 'MOSKVA - OLIMPIADA 1980', trans. "Moscow Olympiad 1980"). Top of torch has burner which is discoloured from use, with the number "4679" engraved. Top edge of torch and ring of foam around opening are charred. Small piece may be missing from centre of burner (there is a light-coloured rectangular patch). The lower, handle section is detachable by unscrewing it from the collar. It was in the hollow body of the handle, where one of the two liquid gasses (butane and propane) was kept, and fed upwards towards the ignition section at the top of the torch, where it mixed with the second gas helping create the flame.
0 - Whole: H: 565 W: 95 D: 95mm (H: 22 1/4 W: 3 3/4 D: 3 3/4")
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