Oar used in the Sixteenth Intercolonial Eight Oared Race, 1892

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Sporting equipment/Playing equipment/Oar
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Oar, rowing, wood, varnished; used in the: "Sixteenth Intercolonial Eight-oared Race / at Brisbane 28th May 1892 / VICTORIA 1st NEW SOUTH WALES 2nd QUEENSLAND 0"; text painted on blade in black 'scrolled' text; crew details also on blade. Leather and metal row-lock; metal cap at end of oar.
0 - Whole: H: 3640 W: 165 D: 65mm (H: 143 5/16 W: 6 1/2 D: 2 9/16")
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Thanks for the response. I own an oar just like this one (from same crew). I know from the records of the time which clubs were represented in the crew... but a shame there's nothing to indicate which people/clubs both your oar and mine were associated with.

- C

Posted on 07-03-2020 05:48:36

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately the inscription on the blade of this oar does not indicate which member of the crew it was used by. It does provide details of the rowing event, and lists each of the crew members, but does not indicate which rowing club they represented.

- Australian Sports Museum team

Posted on 18-02-2020 06:07:39

Do you know which member of the crew this oar belonged to? I think Banks Rowing Club have another of these oars (just the blade section) so am assuming this oar in your collection did not belong to the member of the crew who was from Banks.

- C

Posted on 16-02-2020 06:25:59